Mindray C2 AED Bundle Offer



The Mindray C2 AED Defibrillator is the perfect AED for work, home or community use.


Get the Mindray C2 AED from the UK’s cheapest supplier with FAST next day delivery and a FREE accessory bundle worth £650!*


  • Mindray C2 AED (Semi-Automatic)
  • Soft carry case
  • AED prep kit (including razor, scissors, face shield, wipes)
  • Defibrillator wall sticker
  • 8 year accidental damage warranty
  • E-learning video (demonstrating safe use of the Mindray C2 AED)
  • AED service plan (including 1 x free service)


* Limited time offer (expires June 2024)



In the UK there are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every single year…meaning that there has never been a time where you’re more likely to witness someone in cardiac arrest. Current research shows that for every 1 minute that you delay defibrillation, the chance of permanent death increases by around 7%-10%. The Mindray C2 AED Defibrillator provides rescuers with the ability to administer safe and effective defibrillation in order to restart the heart’s normal rhythm and save life.





12 Features Which Make The Mindray C2 The Obvious Choice


  • Vibrant 7” TFT full-colour screen which displays interactive prompts and instructions in order to help the rescuer can provide safe and effective care (even if they’ve had no formal CPR training!)


  • Built-in speaker with intelligent ResQNavi™ technology which tells the user exactly what to do in order to reduce hesitation and mistakes (which can be instantly translated into different languages!)


  • Powerful 360J shock capability with escalating energy protocol in less than 8s thanks to patented QShock™ technology (in order to ensure the highest chance of successful defibrillation in different body types!)


  • Integrated child mode which allows you to provide fast but safe defibrillation for a child in sudden cardiac arrest (this can be quickly activated with a click of a button!)


  • Intuitive CPR metronome to help the rescuer perform chest compressions and rescue breaths at the correct rate, rhythm and depth (in order to maximise the chance of survival in sudden cardiac arrest!)


  • Durable battery and pads which have a lengthy 5-year shelf life to help reduce overall running costs of the device over its lifetime! (and which can be easily replaced using the cost-effective Mindray RESQ-PAK bundle!)


  • Combined adult/child pads meaning that you do not have to purchase separate pads to use with children (this can save you around £250.00 over the course of a few years and is one less thing to think about!)


  • Robust IP55 water/dust rating which means the AED can withstand dust, rain and even low-pressure water jets (and still continue to work in harsh/outdoor environments!)


  • Rugged design which is 1.5m drop-test certified on 6 different surfaces to give you complete peace of mind that the AED will continue to work (even if it’s accidentally dropped onto the floor!)


  • Optional Mindray 2.0 software which allows you to remotely manage your AEDs (which includes self-test results, GPS map location, device configuration, usage alerts, rescue operation data and expiry dates)


  • • Automatic daily self-testing function which will alarm if there is a problem (in order to save time, money and effort performing manual testing and inspections!)


  • Unbreakable 8-year Mindray warranty for complete peace of mind in the unlikely event of an internal fault which needs to be fixed! We will also match this with an 8-year accidental damage warranty (details below!)


All orders come complete with a £650.00 worth of FREE accessories!


For more information please download the Mindray C2 AED Brochure here.