Experience Counts

Medical Training Solutions Ltd operates as a medical training provider across the UK. Our ever expanding network of professional clinical tutors offer a wide variety of accredited, regulated and quality assured training courses across multiple sectors including: First Aid, Mental Health, Manual Handling, Prehospital Care, Tactical Medicine and Health and Social Care.

Our Journey To Save Life


Tragic death of 50-year-old man which could have been prevented if proper CPR was administered sparks formation of Medical Training Solutions.


Increasing media coverage from the EDP, That’s TV, UEA, ITV and Veteran’s TV highlighting our rapid growth and success.


Securing of major UK training contracts with multinational clients fuels further expansion and growth.


Grand unveiling of our brand-new training facility located in Snetterton, Norfolk.


Winners of the Prestige Business Awards 20/21 for top medical training provider in London and the South East for our outstanding work during COVID-19.

Our Values



The clinical expertise and professional credibility of all of our instructors allows you to achieve a superior level of medical provision and patient care within your organisation. This level of excellence is unique to Medical Training Solutions and therefore is crucial to our brand; it is what sets us apart from other training providers.




We are continuously adapting the qualifications we deliver around the latest clinical guidance. This means that you can feel confident that your staff are providing optimal casualty care and therefore are less likely to suffer the unpleasantness of medico-legal litigation following allegations of poor practice; a process which consumes valuable time and resources.




We understand the busy and often challenging dynamics of the modern world. We are committed to adapting our training packages to suit our client’s convenience, with the hope of minimising any interruptions to their staff scheduling and operational output.




All of our instructors are passionate about transferring the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their professional careers to improve the capability of your staff and ensure optimal outcomes for anyone who becomes ill or injured. They all find meaning and purpose in what they are teaching and believe it has the ability to change people’s lives.


7 Reasons Why We Are Different

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We are fully COVID-19 compliant

The anxiety surrounding COVID-19 is well founded. Poor PPE, hygiene and screening practices can massively increase the chance of viral transmission and seriously affect the health of you, your friends and family… but effective learning can’t take place in an environment where you feel anxious. In order to combat this, all of our students are pre-screened before they are allowed to undertake training with us. Screening includes oral questioning in line with the latest Public Health England advice, scanning into NHS test and trace as well as tympanic temperature testing. As well as this, every one of our students are supplied with all of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to undertake their course safely. This can include face masks, aprons, gloves, visors as well as sanitiser and hand washing facilities.

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Our instructors are hand-picked experts

Some training providers opt to use the cheapest and most readily available instructors to deliver their courses. However, this often results in being taught by underqualified, inexperienced and incompetent tutors who may preach the wrong advice. This can lead to the incorrect processes being followed and subsequent medico-legal litigation following allegations of poor practice. In order to safeguard you and organisation, we hand-pick our instructors from a pool of seasoned experts across multiple specialities including HCPC registered Paramedics, NMC registered Nurses, GMC registered Doctors, SWE registered Social Workers and many more. Not only do our instructors come to us with distinguished clinical backgrounds, but they also have extensive experience in teaching and assessing which enables them to convey their knowledge to your students in a way that provides lasting value and protection from malpractice.

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We can tell you exactly what training you need

If you are unsure about what training you require in order to keep your business legally compliant, then the process of booking it can often end up consuming valuable time, money and resources. Not only this, but if even if you do manage to book training, statistics show that training needs assessments aren’t conducted to a satisfactory standard meaning that you could be at risk of huge, uncapped fines from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In order to assist you, all of our packages come with an optional pre-course training needs consultation. This is completely free-of-charge and involves a comprehensive assessment of your workplace to identify what training, equipment and documentation you require in order to be compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

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We use realistic medical prosthetics

Training should take you as close to real-life as physically possible…but sadly this doesn’t always happen. Training with out-of-date and unrealistic equipment prevents individuals from gaining that all important ‘hands-on’ exposure that is crucial to becoming a confident, competent and skilled clinician. Not only this, but failure to train within an environment that mirrors real-life practice often results in individuals who feel out of their depth, anxious and ill prepared to deal with a genuine emergency. In the worst-case scenario, this can make you more likely to make a mistake that may cost you your career, your professional reputation or even worse… your life or someone else’s.

That is why we have invested in Simbodies®; a casualty prosthetics range designed to provide realistic trauma simulation and enhance your learning experience. We use a wide range of prosthetics during our training courses that are able to simulate various different types of traumatic presentations such as wounds, bruises, fractures, catastrophic bleeding, burns, gunshots, stabbings and eviscerations. In our experience, utilising these training aids better prepares students to manage the real-life medical emergencies that they are likely to encounter during their practice.

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We’re flexible and can travel to you

Sending staff away to external training venues can sometimes create a logistics and HR nightmare. This can often be caused by staff being unhappy about increased commuting times, not being able to find the venue or demanding that expenses are paid to cover their travel. As well as this, booking staff out on training for prolonged periods can result in decreased operational output, loss of money and wasted time rescheduling rotas, diaries and meetings. All of this can massively increase your workload, stress, cost and ruin your reputation if not handled correctly.

In order to help we can deliver ‘flexible’ courses that can be tailored to minimise the disruption associated with booking out staff for long periods to attend training. This means that we can deliver your training over a period of time within arrangements that are most convenient for you.

We also offer a mobile service that provides ‘in-house’ training on your premises. This involves a brief pre-course assessment of your venue to ensure that it has the necessary facilities to host your training and once completed, it will enable us to transport all of our equipment to you so that you don’t have to send your staff away to an external venue. This service is offered completely FREE of charge, no fuss, no additional mileage payments… unlike some other providers.

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We offer payment plans

We understand that sometimes finances can hold you back from gaining the necessary qualifications that you need to advance your career and secure your dream job. Often this can result in being stuck in mediocre roles that leave you feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and underpaid. That is why for a select number of courses we offer 0% payment plans in order to reduce the barrier to entry and make it easier for you to invest in your education and progress into positions that can improve your salary, demand more respect and increase your overall job satisfaction and happiness.

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Our Risk Free ‘Triple C’ Lifetime Guarantee

Investing in your education can sometimes be a risky process. Training courses can turn out to be completely unfit for purpose, entirely useless in terms of helping you move into more desirable positions and costly if you have to re-sit examinations and assessments. This can often leave you out of money, out of time and in a worse position than when you started. When you join us at Medical Training Solutions you can relax knowing that you’re investing in the CORRECT advice which enables you to achieve professional COMPLIANCE and feel COMPETENT within your role. We are so confident in our ability to help you succeed that in the extremely unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we’ll continue to work with you until you are… free of charge. Guaranteed results, peace of mind, no questions asked.

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