Shocking new research released by the British Red Cross indicates that only 50% of UK adults would feel confident coming to our aid in a crisis. The study conducted across a sample of 2004 UK adults indicated that 70% of the participants were worried about doing something wrong or making matters worse, yet it is commonly known that it is better to do something than nothing. Even more alarming was the fact that only 4% of the participants competently knew what to do in the top 3 life-threatening situations:-

1. Bleeding heavily;
2. Unresponsive and breathing; and
3. Unresponsive and not breathing.

This is not the only study in recent years to cause concern. In 2016 the British Red Cross commissioned a study by the University of Manchester which revealed up to 59% of deaths as a result of injury could have been prevented if first aid had been carried out before emergency services arrived at the scene. First aid training is widely available from First Aid at Work to Paediatric First Aid Courses, there really is no excuse for the damning statistics. For a small investment of both time and money, all members of the public could have the necessary skills to save a life.

Very publically, popstar and TV personality, Myleene Klass recently took to social media to issue a chilling warning to parents after saving one of her daughters from choking on holiday. Myleen was able to take swift action by using skills she learnt on a first aid course and urged parents to educate themselves stating ‘I’ve just booked another refresher course’. Myleen is also known to have saved her youngest daughter after swallowing a small piece of plastic 6 years ago and is a clear advocate of First Aid Training.

Here at Medical Training Solutions, we are making it our mission to reach as many people as possible, providing not only knowledge but empowerment to our clients to feel confident in their newly acquired skills. We have a strong network of professionally qualified tutors offering a wide range of first aid training courses. For more information as to how we can help you or your business, call us today on 01603 486448 or email [email protected].