October is now upon us and you will have started to notice the change on the high-street, as you walk into shops the standard shelves are being cleared and swiftly replaced with rows and rows of Christmas gifts and decorations. Christmas is an exciting time of year but can also be one of the most difficult for those who work within the emergency services sector.

At the end of December last year BBC News reported ‘Between 23 December and Boxing Day it [North East Ambulance Service] answered more than 24,500 999 and 111 calls, compared with 16,400 over the same four days in 2016’. It seems that each year the emergency services are being put under more pressure and with the NHS budget being constantly stretched the result could be devastating. The higher the demand for our emergency services the more likely it is to impact the speed in which they can reach those who need them the most. How would you feel if you or one of your family members needed emergency medical attention but the ambulance was delayed? It doesn’t bear thinking about but we know a mere few minutes delay can be the difference between life and death.

Christmas should be a joyous, family-oriented holiday and there are small steps you can take to ensure you are prepared should the worst happen. We cannot stress the importance of first aid education, there are first aid courses widely available with spaces open for those who want to start their training before Christmas. There are different types of first aid courses depending on your needs.

Recently a mum of three has spoken out in NottinghamshireLive about how she gave her grandfather chest compressions after he collapsed and stopped breathing last Christmas. Gemma Sowter of Annesley explains “Grandad was unresponsive and when I checked, I realised that I could not see or feel him breathing. I told my husband to call 999 for an ambulance straight away.” Gemma continues to expand about how she went into auto-pilot, having learnt first aid merely six months prior to the incident Gemma had the confidence to step in when she was needed most.

We are sure you will now be putting your to-do list together for the best Christmas yet, don’t forget to add ‘book my first aid course’ as we are sure it is one small expense you will not be wanting to return in the new year. For more information on our courses, contact us today on 01603 486448 or email [email protected].